We all have had the experience of being divided, of being in two minds' about something - one part of us wants to do this, another wants to do that. Subpersonalities is the first book to do justice to the phenomenon as a normal feature of our psychological life. John Rowan argues that we all have a number of personalities that express themselves in different situations and that by recognising them we can come to understand ourselves better and improve our relationships with others. Anyone reading this book will run the risk of making quite new discoveries about themselves. In looking at where subpersonalities come from, John Rowan explores the work of psychologists and psychotherapists, from Jung and Freud onwards, and adds insights gained from his own work as a therapist and counsellor. He relates the journey of discovery that he himself undertook in search of his own subpersonalities. The result is a fascinating book that challenges our accepted view of ourselves and provides an intriguing picture of how human beings work and why communication between them so often goes wrong. Subpersonalties is a book for anyone interested in their own personality and how it helps or hinders their everyday life.

chapter |2 pages


part 1|55 pages

What are Subpersonalities?

chapter 1|21 pages

Setting the Scene

chapter 2|20 pages

Subpersonalities in Everyday Life

chapter 3|12 pages

Beginning to Investigate

part 2|57 pages

Functions and Uses of Subpersonalities

chapter 4|17 pages

Subpersonalities in Psychotherapy

The Early Years

chapter 5|10 pages

Subpersonalities in Psychotherapy

The Sixties

chapter 6|28 pages

Subpersonalities in Psychotherapy

The Recent Work

part 3|75 pages

The Explanations

chapter 7|20 pages

Development of Subpersonalities

chapter 8|16 pages

Other Origins of Subpersonalities

chapter 9|20 pages

Academic Research and Subpersonalities

part 4|30 pages

The Potential

chapter 11|12 pages

Whither Subpersonalities?

chapter 12|16 pages

Beyond the Subpersonalities