First published in 1998. The Land of Prehistory reveals the powerful ideological function American archaeology has naively served, from the discipline's construction in Victorian societal reform movements to the present. Alice Beck Kehoe chronicles major movements and influences such as the support of racist Spencerian evolutionism and Manifest Destiny ideologies, and the 1960s New Archaeology pandering to Big Science money. She concludes with a discussion of the recent revolutionary shift to multicultural voices within the field.

chapter Chapter 2|19 pages

Science Boldly Predicts

chapter Chapter 3|24 pages

Consolidating Prehistory

chapter Chapter 4|18 pages

America's History

chapter Chapter 5|15 pages

Positivists of the New Frontier

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

Petrified Puddle Ducks

chapter Chapter 7|18 pages

The New Archaeology

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

The Philosophy of the New Archaeology

chapter Chapter 9|22 pages

Cahokia: Hidden in Plain Sight

chapter Chapter 10|18 pages

Burrowing Through the Chiefdom

chapter Chapter 11|18 pages

The Taboo Topic

chapter Chapter 12|23 pages

Land of Prehistory