This comprehensive reference organizes extensive definitions and examples of key concepts in quantitative research into a single, convenient source. Alphabetically arranged and cross-referenced, The Handbook of Research and Quantitative Methods In Psychology presents:

* experimental procedures,
* research designs,
* statistical methods,
* information theory,
* psychophysics,
* behavioral terminology,
* scaling and testing.

chapter |244 pages


chapter 1|5 pages

The Standard Normal Curve

chapter 2|1 pages

Critical Values of the t Distribution

chapter 3|1 pages

Critical Values of the X2 Distribution

chapter 4|10 pages

Critical Values of the F Distribution

chapter 5|1 pages

The Fmax Statistic

chapter 10|4 pages

Critical Values of the Dunnett d Statistic

chapter 12|1 pages

r to z' Transformation

chapter 13|1 pages

Critical Values of the A Test

chapter 14|1 pages

Criteria for Testing Outliers

chapter 18|3 pages

Distribution of U in the Mann-Whitney Test

chapter 21|3 pages

Arcsin Transformation Values

chapter 22|1 pages

H-values for the Kruskal-Wallis Test

chapter 23|11 pages

The Binomial Distribution