This unique volume addresses the inadequacies of basic statistical methods that standard textbooks tend to ignore. The author introduces new procedures with accompanying tables that illustrate the practicality of the methods. Concentrating on basic experimental designs that are central to research in the social sciences, Wilcox describes new nonparametric techniques, two-way ANOVA designs, and new results related to the analysis of covariance and repeated measure design. This book serves as the ideal reference and supplement to standard texts by making the statistical advances of the last thirty years accessible to graduate students and researchers.

chapter Chapter One|7 pages

Introduction To Statistics

chapter Chapter Two|13 pages


chapter Chapter Three|25 pages

Random Variables, Distributions And Estimation

chapter Chapter Four|17 pages

Binomial and Normal Distributions

chapter Chapter Five|14 pages

Hypothesis Testing

chapter Chapter Six|21 pages

Student's T, Chi-Square And F Distributions

chapter Chapter 7|29 pages

Comparing Two Means

chapter Chapter Eight|45 pages

One-Way Anova

chapter Chapter Nine|31 pages

Multiple Comparisons

chapter Chapter Ten|29 pages

Two-Way Anova

chapter Chapter Eleven|12 pages

Repeated Measures And Randomized Blocks Designs

chapter Chapter 12|9 pages

Selection Techniques

chapter Chapter 13|41 pages

Correlation and Regression

chapter Chapter Fourteen|21 pages

Categorical Data

chapter Chapter 15|29 pages

Nonparametric Procedures