First published in 1990. This book includes a program for peers helping peers at the pre-adolescent stage. It provides information for peer helpers to learn helping skills; be a special friend to others; become an effective helper; share with others and show they care. It will introduce skills such as getting acquainted, the helping process; caring- listening with your body; empathy; the 'I' message, helpful questioning; conflict resolution; decision-making and goal setting and putting peer helping into action.

part |186 pages

Learning Activities

chapter |40 pages

Empathy Skills

chapter |1 pages

Year 'Round Happiness

chapter |1 pages

Activity 4.7 Feeling Happy

chapter |1 pages

Activity 8.5 Choices

chapter |1 pages

What do I Value?

chapter |1 pages

Typical Decisions

chapter |2 pages

Activity 8.13 Memory Line

chapter |3 pages

Activity 8.15 Goal Setting

part |38 pages

Application of Skills

chapter |2 pages

Privacy Squares Worksheet