This work reveals 50 simple ideas and concrete actitivities to improve anyone's mental well-being. Written in a conversational style, this resource provides techniques and specific suggestions to combat depression, fear, loneliness, anger, a poor self-image, undesirable habits, poor communication, relationship difficulties and other problems. Step-by-step, the authors show the reader the way to positive mental health. All 50 ideas are introduced in the same straightforward format: a basic idea is presented on the right-hand page and a concise, one-page explanation that defines the concept and how to implement it is shown on the left.

part |101 pages

Help Yourself

chapter 4|2 pages

Keep a Journal

chapter 7|2 pages

Be Optimistic

chapter 13|2 pages

Give Someone a Compliment

chapter 14|2 pages

Act Successful

chapter 16|2 pages

Take Time to Relax

chapter 18|2 pages

Make a List of Your Successes

chapter 23|2 pages

Relabel Difficulties

chapter 31|2 pages

Look in the Mirror and Smile

chapter 32|2 pages

Acknowledge Your Feelings

chapter 37|2 pages

Tackle Fear by Taking Action

chapter 41|2 pages

Look for the Good in Someone