Excessive stress has become one of the world's leading health hazards, taking its toll on loved ones, friends and co-workers. Through books, magazines and newspaper articles, people are constantly exposed to the problem - but are not shown how to affect their own personal solution. Hard work, commitment and personalisation of problem areas are the keys to successful stress busting. Showing how to do the necessary work in a personalised format, this workbook provides varied exercises to help reach the goal of mastering stress. The authors feel that every individual can develop Personal Empowerment Skills - basic talents, abilities, and coping strategies that everyone has at their personal disposal - once they realise they are responsible and in control of their lives.

chapter I|4 pages


chapter II|16 pages

Anatomy of Stress

chapter III|8 pages

Developing Personal Empowerment

chapter IV|12 pages

Controlling Your World

chapter V|8 pages

Empowerment Balance Sheet

chapter VI|22 pages

Empowering Your System