This text is intended to inspire people to make a difference in their work. Told through the experiences of those who "do good" as a vocation, it reflects the realities of helping others through those who are successful and flourishing in their work. Focused on helping beginners to feel good about their commitment to service, it is thus appropriate as a text in both under-graduate and graduate courses in counselling, human services, social work, education, and similar survey courses. It is also of use to both professionals and those involved in volunteer helping efforts.

chapter Chapter 1|12 pages

Welcome With Open Arms

chapter Chapter 3|16 pages

Voices of Those Who Help

chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

Helping Others to Help Yourself

chapter Chapter 5|16 pages

What Matters Most

chapter Chapter 6|26 pages

The Price Paid

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

Excuses and Obstacles to Overcome

chapter Chapter 8|12 pages

Where Can You Go Next?