This book is about the influence of twenty years of work in the field of incest on a therapist's professional and personal life. It is comprised of individual cases, and touches upon topics including spirituality, sex between siblings, counter-transference, and incest teams. The author shares, in unadulterated prose, her experience as an incest therapist. This important, courageous work touches upon issues important to and resonant for mental health professionals treating incest and sexual abuse as well as the incest survivor or survivor's family member.

chapter |8 pages

Ricky Still Loves Lulu

chapter |17 pages


chapter |11 pages

“To My Haunting Ophelia, Who Brings Me to My Knees—Tie My Hands”

On Esthetics, Art, and Spontaneous Weeping

chapter |21 pages

On Siblings and Sex

chapter |12 pages

The Therapist with Child

Transference and Countertransference Ad Nauseum

chapter |18 pages

On Finding a Voice

chapter |18 pages

Falling from Grace

chapter |13 pages

Spank Me

On Sex and the Unthinkable