This book explores the relationships between intellectual development, self and personality, and proposes a comprehensive theory which answers such fundamental questions as: how do humans become aware of themselves? How do people come to know and influence each other? These questions are answered on the basis of four empirical studies, highlighting the development of self-awareness in those aged from 10 to 20 years.

chapter |30 pages


From cognitive structures to mind, personality and self

chapter |29 pages

Study 1

Structure and development of cognitive abilities, self-evaluation and self-representation

chapter |32 pages

Results I

Levels, dimensions, and domains in performance, self-evaluation, and self-representation

chapter |28 pages

Results II

Development and individual differences in cognitive abilities, self-evaluation, and self-representation

chapter |24 pages

Study 2

Families of mind: relationships between children's self-representations and parents' representations about them

chapter |20 pages

Study 3

From processing speed to self-representation

chapter |33 pages

Study 4

Cognitive self–image, thinking styles and the big five factors of personality

chapter |22 pages

General discussion

The emerging self: the convergence of mind, personality, and self