Aimed primarily at clinicians who are required to find ways to interrupt patterns of destructive behaviour in couples and families, this text provides a compilation of multi-disciplinary techniques and flexible strategies to accomplish 14 major therapeutic tasks.

chapter 2|19 pages

The Art of Encouragement

chapter 3|26 pages


chapter 4|22 pages

Taking on the Opposition


chapter 5|16 pages


The Great Divide

chapter 6|25 pages

Don't Forget the Children

chapter 7|26 pages

Winning Over the Adolescent

chapter 8|31 pages


The Dance Around Closeness and Distance

chapter 9|19 pages

Once Upon A Time

Family Myths

chapter 10|19 pages

Who's The Fairest Of Them All?

Treating Cross-Cultural Conflicts

chapter 11|24 pages

Avoiding and Repairing Hurts and Grievances

chapter 12|14 pages

Defusing and Redirecting the Power Play

chapter 13|20 pages

Hogging Center Stage

The Chronically Ill Family Member

chapter 14|25 pages

Hands Off

Stopping the Physical and Sexual Abuse

chapter 15|15 pages

Grief Work