In Hidden Questions, Clinical Musings, M. Robert Gardner chronicles an odyssey of self-discovery that has taken him beneath and beyond the categoies and conventions of traditional psychoanalysis. His essays offer a vision of psychoanalytic inquiry that blends art and science, a vision in which the subtly intertwining not-quite-conscious questions of analysand and analyst, gradually discerned, open to ever-widening vistas of shared meaning.  Gardner is wonderfully illuminating in exploring the associations, images, and dreams that have fueled his own analytic inquiries, but he is no less compelling in writing about the different perceptual modalities and endlessly variegated strategies that can be summoned to bring hidden questions to light.

This masterfully assembled collection exemplifies the lived experience of psychoanalysis of one of its most gifted and reflective practitioners. In his vivid depictions of analysis oscillating between the poles of art and science, word and image, inquiry and self-inquiry, Gardner offers precious insights into tensions that are basic to the analytic endeavor.  Evincing rare virtuosity of form and content, these essays are evocative clinical gems, radiating the humility, gentle skepticism, and abiding wonder of this lifelong self-inquirer.  Gardner's most uncommon musings are a gift to the reader. 

chapter |4 pages

Chapter One A Busman's Holiday

A Psychiatrist Goes to the Barber

chapter |13 pages

Chapter Three Analysis and Self-Analysis

Looking Two Ways at Once

chapter |14 pages

Chapter Four After?

chapter |22 pages

Chapter Six On Talking to Ourselves

Some Self-Analytical Reflections on Self-Analysis

chapter |22 pages

Chapter Eight The Art of Psychoanalysis

On Oscillation and Other Matters

chapter |22 pages

Chapter Ten Is That a Fact?

Empiricism Revisited, or A Psychoanalyst at Sea