This unusual book was written to provide a glimpse into the inner "Rorschach" world of individuals -- psychology students in training -- representing the basic Rorschach subtypes. The Rorschach records of these graduate students in clinical psychology are presented along with their own interpretations and analyses of their records. In short, The Inside Story offers both a new approach to learning projective diagnostic methods such as the Rorschach and a new experience in the adventure of self-understanding.

chapter |19 pages

The High R Experience

Self-Evaluation of Records with 166 and 120 Responses

chapter |15 pages

The Low R Experience

Self-Evaluation of Records with Under 22 Responses

chapter |22 pages

The High F Experience

chapter |20 pages

The Low F Experience

chapter |20 pages

The High FM

chapter |9 pages

The Rare Extrovert

chapter |18 pages