The new edition of this highly-regarded book includes comprehensive discussion of the nature of an affair and the five types of affairs and their underlying dynamics. The author addresses issues regarding revealing the affair, management of the consequences, rebuilding, and treating an unmarried third party, as well as the host of complex issues regarding children and custody arrangements. New material for the second edition includes cybersex and the effects of new technology on fidelity in marriage; the effects of managed care on treatment; marriage to the third party; and a new chapter on affairs and violence.

part |49 pages

Patterns of Infidelity

part |262 pages

Critical Issues in Treatment

chapter |21 pages

Hiding, Telling, or Getting Caught

Issues in Revealing an Affair

chapter |8 pages

Disclosing the Affair

chapter |28 pages

Managing the Crisis

Cutting Through Obsession

chapter |22 pages

The Unmarried Third Party

chapter |21 pages

The Use of Group Treatment

chapter |27 pages

Children and Affairs

Issues and Interventions

chapter |16 pages

Affairs and Violence

part |28 pages

Legacies: Our Client'S and our Own