What is the symbolic impact of the Vietnam War Memorial? How does television change our engagement with the past? Can the efforts to wipe out Communist legacies succeed? Should victims of the Holocaust be celebrated as heroes or as martyrs? These questions have a great deal in common, yet they are typically asked separately by people working in distinct research areas in different disciplines. Frames of Remembrance shares ideas and concerns across such divides.

part I|44 pages

The Inquiry

chapter 1|20 pages

Setting the Analytical Parameters

chapter 2|22 pages

Ultimate Challenge

part II|68 pages

Dynamics of Relevance

chapter 3|20 pages

Communities of Memory

chapter 4|20 pages


chapter 5|14 pages

Presence of the Past

chapter 6|12 pages

Memory in Future Tense

part III|94 pages

Dynamics of Memory Work

chapter 7|18 pages


chapter 8|12 pages

Memory Projects

chapter 9|16 pages

Truth Claims

chapter 10|14 pages

Instant Memory

chapter 11|18 pages


chapter |14 pages

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