Democracy and the Organization of Political Parties, originally published in 1902, represented the first serious attempt to analyze the consequences of democratic suffrage by a comparative analysis of political systems. As such, Ostrogorski's two-volume study of the party system in Britain and the United States exerted profound influence on the subsequent writings of Max Weber and Robert Michels. A descriptive analyst of the party system in these two countries, Ostrogorski developed concepts and methods that an-ticipated by nearly half a century those later used by American and British political scientists.

The core of Ostrogorski's analysis is a detailed history of the rise of and changes within the party system in Britain and the United States, the first nations to introduce mass suffrage. While the emphasis of Democracy and the Organization of Political Parties is on the similar trends in the political parties of both countries, Ostrogorski also showed concern with the sources of differences between them. Seeking to explain these variations, he suggested a number of fundamental hypotheses about these two societies that con-tinue to be of relevance today. Lipset's substantial introduction places Os-trogorski's work within its historical context and assesses Ostrogorski's im-pact and influence on both his contemporaries and on later political scien-tists.

part |110 pages

Fourth Part

chapter FIRST|22 pages

The First Party Organizations in the United States

First Chapter

chapter SECOND|23 pages

The Establishment of the Convention System

Second Chapter

chapter THIRD|21 pages

The Evolution of the Convention System

Third Chapter

chapter FOURTH|15 pages

The Evolution of the Convention System (continued)

Fourth Chapter

chapter FIFTH|27 pages

The Evolution of the Convention System(conclusion)

Fifth Chapter

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Fifth Part

chapter FIRST|8 pages

The Local Organization

First Chapter

chapter SECOND|12 pages

The Conventions

Second Chapter

chapter THIRD|11 pages

The National Convention

Third Chapter

chapter FOURTH|21 pages

The Election Campaign

Fourth Chapter

chapter FIFTH|14 pages

The Election Campaign (conclusion)

First Chapter

chapter SIXTH|22 pages

The Politicians and the Machine

Sixth Chapter

chapter SEVENTH|27 pages

The Politicians and the Machine (conclusion)

Seventh Chapter

chapter EIGHTH|25 pages

The Struggles for Emancipation

Eighth Chapter

chapter NINTH|25 pages

The Struggles for Emancipation (conclusion)

Ninth Chapter

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Tenth Chapter

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Sixth Part

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