Technical Foundations of Neurofeedback provides, for the first time, an authoritative and complete account of the scientific and technical basis of EEG biofeedback. Beginning with the physiological origins of EEG rhythms, Collura describes the basis of measuring brain activity from the scalp and how brain rhythms reflect key brain regulatory processes. He then develops the theory as well as the practice of measuring, processing, and feeding back brain activity information for biofeedback training. Combining both a "top down" and a "bottom up" approach, Collura describes the core scientific principles, as well as current clinical experience and practical aspects of neurofeedback assessment and treatment therapy. Whether the reader has a technical need to understand neurofeedback, is a current or future neurofeedback practitioner, or only wants to understand the scientific basis of this important new field, this concise and authoritative book will be a key source of information.


chapter 1|29 pages


chapter 3|16 pages

EEG Instrumentation and Measurement

chapter 4|15 pages

EEG Digitization and Processing

chapter 5|13 pages

EEG Components and Their Properties

chapter 6|16 pages

Connectivity-Based EEG Biofeedback

chapter 7|22 pages

Foundations of Neurofeedback Protocols

chapter 8|26 pages

Use of Live Z-Scores

chapter 9|4 pages

Loreta Neurofeedback

chapter 10|7 pages

Neurofeedback in Practice

chapter 11|8 pages

Session Management and Control

chapter 12|23 pages

Mini-Q Assessment and Training Methods