Practical, actionable information about the positive, behavioural approach to education is in desperately short supply, and yet when implemented properly the impact on school behaviour and achievement can be enormous. Positive Psychology for Teachers aims to address this gap. Written by experienced practitioners, it gives teachers simple and direct

chapter 1|16 pages

Emergence of the positive approach

chapter 2|18 pages

Teacher feedback and pupil behaviour

chapter 3|23 pages

Positive strategies: four essential steps

chapter 4|23 pages

Working with particular groups of pupils

chapter 5|12 pages

The whole school

chapter 6|10 pages

Pupil learning

chapter 7|9 pages

Pupil well-being

chapter 8|10 pages

Principles of the positive approach

chapter 9|17 pages

A research basis

chapter 10|10 pages

Critical comments and conclusions