Shortisted as ERA Finalist 2013

How can you use ICT to boost the achievement of all your pupils?

This practical teachers’ guide will help you to unlock the enormous potential of new technology in order to enhance pupils’ learning, particularly for young people with additional needs. Written by two of the UK’s leading technology experts, this invaluable new resource will enable you to use ICT effectively to make lessons more accessible, motivating and fun.

With fifty illustrated case studies and twenty starter activities, this practical resource will help you to introduce new technology into the inclusive classroom. It has been specifically designed to help develop your pupils’ key skills, such as problem solving, developing concepts and communicating to different audiences. In each activity, the authors show why and how a particular resource was used and show how similar techniques can be implemented to open up the curriculum to your learners.

The authors include timely and realistic advice on how to use a range of technologies from the cheap and cheerful – and even free – to more sophisticated and specialist packages. Find out about:

  • podcasting
  • digital animation
  • iPods and iPads
  • dance mat technology
  • digital storytelling
  • wikis
  • online reading schemes
  • sat nav
  • story boarding
  • games and gaming
  • mobile phones
  • art packages
  • using sound
  • visualisers

Whether you’re already techno-savvy or looking to get started with ICT, this book is full of brilliant ideas on how to engage learners of all abilities using technology. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to integrate creative uses of ICT with the curriculum, this book will prove invaluable.

ICT in education: the road ahead - Ray Barker BESA  Why you need this book  About the authors  Part 1: 50 Brilliant Ideas  Brilliant Idea 1: Getting smart with the versatile SmartBoard  Brilliant Idea 2: Disney and Spielberg need to look to their laurels  Brilliant Idea 3: Visit museums online and become a Caboodle curator!  Brilliant Idea 4: An online world opens reading to boys  Brilliant Idea 5: Words on the move with CapturaTalk  Brilliant Idea 6: Learning French: quicker with Clicker  Brilliant Idea 7: Put comics in the mix: improving narrative skills  Brilliant Idea 8: Dance your way to fitness  Brilliant Idea 9: Digital video for life stories  Brilliant Idea 10: Tell me all about it: recording pupils’ voices in place of writing!  Brilliant Idea 11: Seeing is believing  Brilliant Idea 12: Mathletics – bringing a competitive edge to maths learning  Brilliant Idea 13: Chatting about Miss Havisham  Brilliant Idea 14: iMovie supports the curriculum  Brilliant Idea 15: Radio freedom: make a podcast and take control of the airwaves!  Brilliant Idea 16: Keeping pupils ‘in the zone’  Brilliant Idea 17: The ‘I’ in iPod: personalised learning  Brilliant Idea 18: Yes, Wii can: turn-taking and getting fit  Brilliant Idea 19: Playing by ear: using Textease Studio CT to develop writing skills  Brilliant Idea 20: Band identity: music and marketing  Brilliant Idea 21: iPads – next generation technology  Brilliant Idea 22: Mashing up art  Brilliant Idea 23: Coping With Chaos in the classroom  Brilliant Idea 24: Not just an open book  Brilliant Idea 25: Storyboarding for behavioural needs  Brilliant Idea 26: There’s treasure in texting  Brilliant Idea 27: Creating a communication-friendly environment with symbols  Brilliant Idea 28: A little PSP goes a long way  Brilliant Idea 29: Using a TomTom to make sense of the world  Brilliant Idea 30: Visualiser brings classwork into focus  Brilliant Idea 31: Spinning a yarn: using DVDs to raise writing standards  Brilliant Idea 32: ‘Would all cashiers return to their cash desk’  Brilliant Idea 33: Gaming is good for you!  Brilliant Idea 34: Using online video to bring citizenship to life  Brilliant Idea 35: Resounding success – audio in the inclusive classroom  Brilliant Idea 36: Lights, action, sing karaoke?  Brilliant Idea 37: Dawn of the machines  Brilliant Idea 38: Accessible Music in a Cube  Brilliant Idea 39: PowerPoint and the Hungry Caterpillar  Brilliant Idea 40: Fizzing along with the all-singing, all-dancing classroom PC  Brilliant Idea 41: Teddy and the Toolkit  Brilliant Idea 42: The Crazy Gerbil  Brilliant Idea 43: Right on track with WriteOnline  Brilliant Idea 44: Switch it up: toys with a twist  Brilliant Idea 45: Makeover makes learning more active  Brilliant Idea 46: Praise where praise is due  Brilliant Idea 47: A picture is worth so much more than a thousand words  Brilliant Idea 48: "Come on you lazy lot, let’s go adventuring!"  Brilliant Idea 49: Numbed by numbers no longer  Brilliant Idea 50: What happens to hot ice cream?  What does the future hold? Lorraine Petersen nasen  Part 2: Now it’s your turn – 20 Brilliant starters to get you going  Brilliant starter 1: Using your Smartboard  Brilliant starter 2: Using ActivInspire  Brilliant starter 3: Using symbol software  Brilliant starter 4: Using your camera  Brilliant starter 5: Using sound  Brilliant starter 6: Using easyspeak microphones  Brilliant starter 7: Inserting sound files into Powerpoint, Notebook or ActivInspire  Brilliant starter 8: Inserting hyperlinks into Powerpoint, Notebook or ActivInspire  Brilliant starter 9: Inserting custom animation into Powerpoint  Brilliant starter 10: Using Word  Brilliant starter 11: Choosing a suitable spelling program  Brilliant starter 12: Using Clicker 5  Brilliant starter 13: Using Garageband  Brilliant starter 14: Using I Can Animate  Brilliant starter 15: Using I Can Present  Brilliant starter 16: Using iMovie  Brilliant starter 17: Using Movie Maker  Brilliant starter 18: Using Photostory3  Brilliant starter 19: Creating a comic with Comic Life  Brilliant starter 20: Making printable books with Publisher