Most strategic management textbooks seem to stem from the old belief that ‘more is always better’. But in this age of data deluge, many are calling for a return to the basics. If students can master the core concepts and learn how to apply these basics, they are bound to be better equipped to approach and resolve even the most complex problems.

This book, unlike most textbooks, focuses on the core concepts of strategic management, aiming to help students understand the basic ideas of the field more clearly, rather than overloading them with new, peripherally-related information. With cases designed to help students apply their deeper understanding of the core concepts, this book will equip any student with the solid grounding in strategic management fundamentals needed to succeed in the academic and professional arena.

chapter 1|17 pages

What is Strategy?

chapter 2|14 pages

External Environment Analysis

chapter 3|17 pages

Internal Environment Analysis

chapter 4|13 pages

Business Level Strategy

chapter 5|12 pages

Corporate Level Strategy

chapter 8|14 pages

Strategy Implementation