Using a multi-national and multi-archival approach to this diplomatic history study, the author examines comprehensively and in great detail for the first time the origins of the so-called Okinawa Problem. Also inlcludes four maps.

chapter Chapter One|8 pages


chapter Chapter Two|32 pages

The Strategic Debate Over Okinawa, 1942-1946

America's Search for National Security

chapter Chapter Three|42 pages

The State Department and Postwar Planning for Okinawa, 1942-1946

Realizing the Principle of “No Territorial Aggrandizement”

chapter Chapter Four|29 pages

The SWNCC Debate Over Okinawa, 1945-1947:

An Unresolved and Unresolvable Question of Trusteeship

chapter Chapter Six|94 pages

Forging a Domestic Policy Consensus for Okinawa:

The Formation of NSC 13, 1947-1949

chapter Chapter Seven|97 pages

The Treaty of Peace with Japan and Article 3:

U.S. Strategic Requirements, Japanese Territorial Desires, and the Problem of International Recognition, 1949-1951

chapter Chapter 8|22 pages


The Limits of Article 3: Ratification and the Elusive Search for a “Practicable Arrangement”