Di Trevis is a world-renowned director, whose work with Britain’s National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, and directing productions worldwide, has deeply informed her knowledge of the director’s craft.

In Being a Director, she draws on a wealth of first-hand experience to present an immersive, engaging and vital insight into the role of a director.

The book elegantly blends the personal and the pedagogical, illustrating how the parameters of Time, Space and Motion are essential when creating a successful production.

Throughout, the author explores and recycles her own formative life experiences in order to demonstrate that who you are is as integral to being a director as what you do.

part |29 pages

Directing: The Parameters

chapter |12 pages


chapter |6 pages


chapter |9 pages


part |101 pages

Directing: The Specifics

chapter |7 pages

Deciding To Be A Director

chapter |4 pages

Choosing The Play

chapter |9 pages

Reading The Play

chapter |7 pages

Casting The Play

chapter |23 pages

Rehearsing The Actors

chapter |5 pages

Fluid Staging

chapter |8 pages

Specialist Skills

chapter |4 pages

Technical Rehearsals

part |40 pages

Directing: The Kwoth

chapter |6 pages

A Figure In The Distance

chapter |5 pages

My Salvation

chapter |11 pages

Things French