Are you thinking of studying at university in Britain? Do you feel confused about which course is best for you, which university to choose, and how to apply? Are you wondering about what kinds of challenges you will be faced with, how best to approach them and how to overcome them? If so, this guidebook is for you.

Honest and accurate, this book acts as an international student introduction and cultural guide to UK Higher Education. It informs and guides students in their preparation for all aspects of UK HE, from university selection and application through to participation, and provides a clear understanding of how British universities function. Helping international students make the most of the many opportunities that university offers, this text will expand your knowledge of UK Higher Education with regards to:

  • Application procedures
  • Finances
  • Self-awareness, cultural understanding and adaptation (social and academic)
  • University administrative procedures, facilities and support
  • Work and career information and advice.

The International Student’s Guide to UK Education is a comprehensive guide that will help students to develop critical and reflective ability in order to become independent, well-informed and empowered decision makers.

chapter 1|2 pages

Introduction to the Guide

chapter 2|17 pages

Before You Go

Understanding Yourself and Your Needs

chapter 4|8 pages

Arrival and the Early Days

chapter 8|32 pages

Life Beyond Study

Understanding and Navigating British Student Culture

chapter 9|18 pages

Life Beyond the University

Understanding and navigating British life and culture

chapter 10|4 pages

After You Finish Your Studies