An examination of the work of 17 major thinkers in the field of adult and continuing education, showing how each has made a significant contribution to the field. The ideas of each are explored within a similar framework, and their work and its consequences is considered in detail.

part |1 pages

Part 1: Early twentieth-century English Thinkers

part |1 pages

Part 2: Early twentieth-century American thinkers

chapter 5|17 pages

E L Thorndike: W A Smith

chapter 6|19 pages

Eduard Lindeman: Stephen Brookfield

part |1 pages

Part 3: Theorists of adult and continuing education

chapter 7|12 pages

Robert Peers: Stella Parker

chapter 8|17 pages

Cyril O Houle: William S Griffith

chapter 9|16 pages

Malcolm S Knowles: Peter Jarvis

chapter 11|13 pages

K Patricia Cross: Carol E Kasworm

chapter 13|14 pages

Donald Schön Ron Cenvero

part |1 pages

Part 4: Theorists of adult education and social change