Written in political exile in New Zealand during the Second World War and published in two volumes in 1945, The Open Society and its Enemies was hailed by Bertrand Russell as a 'vigorous and profound defence of democracy'. This legendary attack on the philosophies of Plato, Hegel and Marx prophesied the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and exposed the fatal flaws of socially engineered political systems. It remains highly readable, erudite and lucid and as essential reading today as on publication in 1945. It is available here in a special centenary single-volume edition.

part |244 pages

The Spell of Plato

part |32 pages

The Myth of Origin and Destiny

part |55 pages

Plato's Descriptive Sociology

chapter |23 pages

Change and Rest

chapter |30 pages

Nature and Convention

part |90 pages

Plato's Political Programme

part |36 pages

The Background of Plato's Attack

part |344 pages

The High Tide of Prophecy: Hegel, Marx, and the Aftermath

part |85 pages

The Rise of Oracular Philosophy

part |59 pages

Marx's Method

chapter |12 pages

The Autonomy of Sociology

chapter |11 pages

Economic Historicism

chapter |7 pages

The Classes

part |70 pages

Marx's Prophecy

chapter |12 pages

The Coming of Socialism

chapter |21 pages

The Social Revolution

chapter |28 pages

Capitalism and its Fate

part |16 pages

Marx's Ethics

part |52 pages

The Aftermath

part |25 pages


chapter |23 pages

Has History any Meaning?