Most actors and directors have struggled with the problem of needing to imitate foreign dialects. Marguerite and Lewis Herman have created an essential tool for actors, directors and writers aiming toward the most authentic performances possible.
Foreign Dialects contains an extensive repertoire of dialects that will assist the actor in the preparation for the most difficult foreign roles. Now in paperback, this classic text offers the director or producer a quick, convenient aid for correcting actors and evaluating applicants for authenticity and dialect ability. In addition, it guides those writing fiction as well as radio, movie, and television scripts. Thirty foreign dialects are provided, with character studies, speech peculiarities, and examples of the dialects in easy-to-read phonetic monologues--including Cockney, British, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Greek and Yiddish.

chapter |11 pages

How to Use the Manual

chapter ONE|4 pages

Dialect Characterization

chapter TWO|27 pages

The Cockney Dialect

chapter THREE|22 pages

The British Dialect

chapter FOUR|22 pages

The Irish Dialect

chapter FIVE|15 pages

The Scottish Dialect

chapter SIX|18 pages

The German Dialect

chapter SEVEN|23 pages

The French Dialect

chapter EIGHT|22 pages

The Italian Dialect

chapter NINE|28 pages

The Spanish Dialect

chapter TEN|15 pages

The Japanese Dialect

chapter ELEVEN|14 pages

The Chinese Dialect

chapter TWELVE|9 pages

Pidgin English

chapter THIRTEEN|10 pages

The Hawaiian Dialect

chapter FOURTEEN|14 pages

Beche Le Mar

chapter FIFTEEN|21 pages

The Swedish Dialect

chapter SIXTEEN|21 pages

The Russian Dialect

chapter SEVENTEEN|9 pages

Middle European Dialects

chapter EIGHTEEN|19 pages

The Polish Dialect

chapter NINETEEN|20 pages

The Greek Dialect

chapter TWENTY|22 pages

The Yiddish Dialect