On its first publication in 1973 Adam Kuper's entertaining history of half a century of British social anthropology provoked strong reactions. But his often irreverent account soon established itself as one of the introductions to anthropology.
Since the second revised edition was published in 1983, important developments have occurred within British and European anthropology.
This third, enlarged and updated edition responds to these fresh currents. Adam Kuper takes the story up to the present day, and a new final chapter traces the emergence of a modern European social anthropology in contrast with developments in American cultural anthropology over the last two decades.
Anthropology and Anthropologists provides a critical historical account of modern British social anthropology: it describes the careers of the major theorists, their ideas and their contributions in the context of the intellectual and institutional environments in which they worked.

chapter 1|34 pages


chapter 2|59 pages


chapter 4|21 pages

Anthropology and colonialism

chapter 5|20 pages

From charisma to routine

chapter 6|41 pages

Leach and Gluckman

chapter 8|21 pages

An end and a beginning