Updated and revised in response to developments in the field, this Fourth Edition of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy With Children describes the research and clinical historical underpinnings of hypnosis and hypnotherapy with children and adolescents, and presents an up-to-date compendium of the pertinent world literature regarding this topic. The authors focus on the wide variety and scope of applications for hypnotherapy; including an integrated description of both clinical and evidence-based research as it relates to understanding approaches to various clinical situations, case studies of practical aspects, and how-to elements of teaching hypnotherapeutic skills to clients.

part |1 pages

Part I: Hypnosis With Children

part |1 pages

Part II: Hypnotherapy With Children

chapter 6|11 pages

General Principles of Child Hypnotherapy

chapter 8|45 pages

Hypnotherapy for Psychological Disorders

chapter 10|39 pages

Hypnotherapy for Habit Disorders

chapter 12|20 pages

Hypnotherapy for Pain Control

chapter 13|72 pages

Hypnotherapy for Pediatric Medical Problems

chapter 18|11 pages


chapter 21|15 pages

Teaching Child Hypnotherapy

chapter 22|10 pages

Looking to the Future