The documents collected in this volume, first published in 1970, trace the development of novel criticism during one of the most formative periods in the history of fiction: from 1700-1800. The material includes prefaces to collections, translations and original novels; essays written for journals modelled on the Spectator; passages taken from miscellanies and from books written primarily for some purpose unconnected with the novel; reviews from the monthly reviews; and introductions to the collected works of certain authors.

This volume covers 100 years of criticism and creative writing, and the materials are arranged chronologically. Each of the documents is headed by an Introductory Note and the Editor has provided an important historical introduction. 

chapter |17 pages


chapter 2|2 pages

Preface to Incognita (1691)

chapter 3|1 pages

From The Athenian Mercury (1692)

chapter 8|9 pages

From The History of Romances (1715)

chapter 9|1 pages

Preface to Robinson Crusoe (1719)

chapter 10|5 pages

From An Epistle to Daniel Defoe (1719)

chapter 14|1 pages

Preface to Colonel Jack (1722)

chapter 15|3 pages

Preface to Moll Flanders (1722)

chapter 16|1 pages

From the Dedication of Lasselia (1723)

chapter 17|2 pages

Preface to Roxana (1724)

chapter 18|2 pages

From The Tea-Table (1725)

chapter 19|1 pages

Preface to The Fair Hebrew (1729)

chapter 23|5 pages

Introductory material to Pamela (1740)

chapter 25|10 pages

Introductory material to Pamela (1741)

chapter 27|2 pages

Preface to Roderick Random (1748)

chapter 29|1 pages

From a letter of Elisabeth Carter (1749)

chapter 33|4 pages

Rambler, 4, Samuel Johnson (1750)

chapter 34|2 pages

From a letter of Mrs. Donellan (1750)

chapter 39|1 pages

From a letter of Philip Skelton (1751)

chapter 41|1 pages

From a letter of Samuel Richardson (1752)

chapter 44|3 pages

The Adventurer, 4, John Hawkesworth (1752)

chapter 45|1 pages

From a letter of Philip Skelton (1752)

chapter 48|3 pages

The World, 19, William Whitehead (1753)

chapter 50|2 pages

From a letter of Johannes Stinstra (1753)

chapter 51|3 pages

The World, 79, Richard Berenger (1754)

chapter 53|6 pages

A dialogue by Elizabeth Montagu (1760)

chapter 57|3 pages

From a review of Tristram Shandy (1761)

chapter 58|2 pages

From a review of Almoran and Hamet (1761)

chapter 59|4 pages

From a review of Eloisa (1761)

chapter 66|2 pages

From the Gentleman’s Magazine, XL (1770)

chapter 67|2 pages

From Something New, Automathes (1772)

chapter 69|8 pages

Three essays by J. and A.L.Aikin (1773)

chapter 73|2 pages

Preface to Evelina (1778)

chapter 77|3 pages

The Lounger, 20, Henry Mackenzie (1785)

chapter 80|4 pages

The Microcosm, 26, George Canning (1787)

chapter 81|3 pages

Olla Podrida, 15, Thomas Monroe (1787)

chapter 84|1 pages

From a review of Emmeline (1788)

chapter 88|3 pages

Review of The Denial (1790)

chapter 91|6 pages

From The Analytical Review, XVI (1793)

chapter 95|2 pages

From a review of Caleb Williams (1795)

chapter 96|24 pages

From Henry, Richard Cumberland (1795)

chapter 97|2 pages

From review of Camilla (1796)

chapter 98|1 pages

From a review of The Italian (1797)

chapter 101|2 pages

From a review of Santa Maria (1798)