Recently the field of organization studies has been plagued by intense, disruptive controversy about what counts as knowledge. This book, written by the major researchers and voices in the field of organization studies, attempts to respond to this controversy by offering the topic of "generative uncertainty" as the primary vehicle for rethinking about this issue. The authors prefer admitting uncertainty to making unwarranted assumptions. The ideas about questioning the possibility of knowledge that is certain goes back to before the time of Socrates. This unique, historical look at the study of organization studies will be of interest to all students and scholars of this field.



part |23 pages

Rethinking Organization Studies

part |39 pages


part |56 pages

Letting Go

chapter |8 pages

Letting Go of Agonism

chapter |24 pages

Toward Postagonistic Communication

Conversation in Organization Studies

part |6 pages

Historical Factors