Learn effective PTSD group treatment

The awareness of psychological trauma has grown exponentially in the past decade, and clinicians in many areas have increasingly found themselves confronted with the need to provide trauma-related services to clients. Still, there remains a serious lack of manuals that guide clinicians using group therapy to treat posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Women: A Clinician’s Manual is the important, “how-to” resource that fills this void with a successful theory-based, field-tested model of group therapy for traumatized women. Concise and full of clinical examples, this helpful text includes a session-by-session guide for clinicians and a workbook for clients.

Comprehensive and practical, Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Women: A Clinician’s Manual not only describes the theory, method, and rationale for this effective treatment, but also offers a complete, step-by-step clinician’s manual and client workbook to help implement the model and establish effective practice. Explained in-depth are unique methods such as the use of testimonial and ceremonial structures to heighten the therapeutic impact and case examples of individual client histories and progress through treatment. In addition, appendices detailing a treatment contract and a script for a trauma program “Graduation Ceremony” are also included.

Chapters in Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Women cover:

  • concepts of group therapy with traumatized populations
  • developmental theory of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder
  • usefulness and challenges of various formats of group therapy
  • session-by-session instructions for clinicians
  • session-by-session workbook for clients
  • guidance in handling difficult treatment and clinical situations
  • group therapy procedures and rules
  • managing traumatic re-enactments
  • empirical support for TCGP
  • and much more!
With a detailed bibliography and numerous diagrams, charts, and tables for visualizing information, Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Women is an ideal resource for mental health clinicians of all types, graduate students and educators, state mental health commissions and agencies, libraries, hospitals, and clinics.

part |45 pages

The Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy Model

part |55 pages

Session-By-Session Lecture Series

chapter |13 pages

Phase I Sessions

chapter |15 pages

Phase II Sessions

chapter |9 pages

Phase III Sessions

chapter |13 pages

The Graduation Ceremony

part |19 pages

Ensuring Success with Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy