This book is largely based on What Marx Really Meant which was written by Cole and published in 1934. It is a revaluation of Marx’s essential ideas and methods in relation to contemporary social structures and developments and considers the bearing of Marx’s theories on the structure of social classes, which altered greatly since he formulated his account of them.

chapter Chapter I|40 pages

The Foundations of Marxism

chapter Chapter II|32 pages

The Materialist Conception of History

chapter Chapter III|24 pages

The Growth and Decline of Capitalism

chapter Chapter IV|23 pages

Economic Classes

chapter Chapter V|22 pages

The New Middle Classes and the Rise of Fascism

chapter Chapter VI|30 pages

The Proletariat

chapter Chapter VII|29 pages

Marxism and the State

chapter Chapter VIII|32 pages

The Theory of Value

chapter Chapter IX|27 pages

The Theory of Value (continued)

chapter Chapter X|21 pages

The Dialectic—Conclusion