Anton Chekhov offers a critical introduction to the plays and productions of this canonical playwright, examining the genius of Chekhov's writing, theatrical representation and dramatic philosophy.

Emphasising Chekhov’s continued relevance and his mastery of the tragicomic, Rose Whyman provides an insightful assessment of his life and work. All of Chekhov’s major dramas are analysed, in addition to his vaudevilles, one-act plays and stories. The works are studied in relation to traditional criticism and more recent theoretical and cultural standpoints, including cultural materialism, philosophy and gender studies.

Analysis of key historical and recent productions, display the development of the drama, as well as the playwright’s continued appeal. Anton Chekhov provides readers with an accessible comparative study of the relationship between Chekhov's life, work and ideological thought.

part |4 pages

Part I Life and context

chapter 1|21 pages

Life, context and ideas

chapter 2|17 pages

Chekhov’s art and worldview

part |2 pages

Part II Plays and productions

chapter 3|21 pages

Vaudevilles and one-act plays

chapter 5|26 pages

Space and confinement: Uncle Vanya

chapter 6|23 pages

Work and women: Three Sisters