For both students and practicing counselors, this book fills the gaps that exist between many current academic programs and practitioner’s needs for focused training on how to better assist clients with dream interpretations.  Its main focus is on dreams concerning family members and other major figures in the dreamer's life with whom he or she interacts.  Readers will first learn how to understand and use their own dreams, and then how to apply this in order to facilitate their clients’ interpretations of dreams.  They will be amazed and fascinated by the issues, emotions, and problem-solving suggestions that are often revealed as they guide their clients' use of a personalized dream interpretation method developed by the author. Through the use of a detailed case example of a client and her dreams, the author shows how each step of this method can be applied and carried out in practice and is easily integrated with contemporary psychotherapies, especially cognitive behavior therapies.

part |4 pages

Section I: Preliminaries of Dream Interpretation

chapter 1|16 pages

Historical and Cultural Uses of Dreams

chapter 2|14 pages

Preliminaries to Working With Dreams

part |6 pages

Section II: Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID)

part |2 pages

Section III: Two Breakthrough Dream Interpretation Models of the Later 20th Century

chapter 13|20 pages

Group Approach

chapter 14|14 pages

Cartwright’s RISC Mode

part |2 pages

Section IV: Conclusions