From the Gracchi to Nero is an outstanding history of the Roman world from 133 BC to 68 AD. Fifty years since publication it is widely hailed as the classic survey of the period, going through many revised and updated editions until H.H. Scullard’s death. It explores the decline and fall of the Roman Republic and the establishment of the Pax Romana under the early Principate. In superbly clear style, Scullard brings vividly to life the Gracchi’s attempts at reform, the rise and fall of Marius and Sulla, Pompey and Caesar, society and culture in the late Roman Republic, the Augustan Principate, Tiberius and Gaius, Claudius and Nero, and economic and social life in the early Empire.

chapter I|18 pages


chapter II|17 pages

Attempts at Reform

chapter III|16 pages

The Senatorial Settlement

chapter IV|21 pages

The Nineties

chapter V|17 pages

The Counter-revolution of Lepidus

chapter VI|17 pages

Crassus and Caesar

chapter VII|24 pages

Conditions in Gaul

chapter VIII|15 pages

The Rise of Antony

chapter X|17 pages

Graeco–Roman Culture

chapter XI|29 pages

Octavian’s Problem

chapter XII|21 pages

Imperial Problems

chapter XIII|17 pages

The Accession of Tiberius

chapter XIV|29 pages

The Accession of Claudius

chapter XV|20 pages


chapter XVI|19 pages

Architecture and Art