‘The future of the world is in your hands’

I know that might seem a bit steep considering you’ve got that Year Ten coursework to sort out and the lesson observation on that nervous looking NQT, but that’s the way it is I’m afraid. You chose to be a teacher, you mould young minds on a daily basis and those minds have got to grow up and save the world.’Extract from Chapter One

Why do I need a teacher when I’ve got Google? is just one of the challenging, controversial and thought-provoking questions Ian Gilbert poses in his long-awaited follow up to the classic Essential Motivation in the Classroom.

Questioning the unquestionable, this book will make you re-consider everything you thought you knew about teaching and learning, such as:

  • Are you simply preparing the next generation of unemployed accountants?
  • What do you do for the ‘sweetcorn kids’ who come out of the education system in pretty much the same state as when they went in?
  • What’s the real point of school?
  • Exams – So whose bright idea was that?
  • Why ‘EQ’ is fast becoming the new ‘IQ’.
  • What will your school policy be on brain-enhancing technologies?
  • Which is the odd one out between a hamster and a caravan?

With his customary combination of hard-hitting truths, practical classroom ideas and irreverent sense of humour, Ian Gilbert takes the reader on a breathless rollercoaster ride through burning issues of the twenty-first century, considering everything from the threats facing the world and the challenge of the BRIC economies to the link between eugenics and the 11+.

As wide-ranging and exhaustively-researched as it is entertaining and accessible, this book is designed to challenge teachers and inform them – as well as encourage them – as they strive to design a twenty-first century learning experience that really does bring the best out of all young people. After all, the future of the world may just depend on it.

chapter |2 pages


chapter 1|6 pages

Save the world

chapter 2|7 pages

The future’s coming

chapter 3|5 pages

‘The Great Educational Lie’

chapter 5|6 pages


chapter 6|11 pages

Your EQ will take you further than your IQ

chapter 8|4 pages

It’s the brain, stupid

chapter 9|7 pages

Neuromyths debunked!1

chapter 10|6 pages

Your hands in their brains

chapter 13|6 pages

Don’t make ’em mad, make ’em think?

chapter 14|3 pages

Teacher’s little helper

chapter 15|7 pages

The ‘f-word’

chapter 17|4 pages

What’s the real point of school?

chapter 18|9 pages

An accidental school system

chapter 19|5 pages

Exams – so whose bright idea was that!?

chapter 20|3 pages

Educated is not enough

chapter 24|5 pages

A short word on thinking about thinking

chapter 25|10 pages

Remember to succeed

chapter 26|6 pages

How are you smart?

chapter 27|4 pages

Muchos pocos hacen un mucho

chapter 29|9 pages

Teach less, learn more

chapter 30|6 pages

Enthusiasm and the sort of 7 per cent rule

chapter 31|7 pages

Everyone remembers …