First Published in 1999. The purpose of this series is to provide a contemporary assessment and history of the entire course of philosophical thought. Each book constitutes a detailed, critical introduction to the work of a philosopher of major influence and significance. This is a critical account of the main philosophical positions taken up by Sir Karl Popper in his published writings.

chapter I|7 pages

Popper’s Conception of Epistemology

chapter II|4 pages

Inductive Method

chapter III|32 pages

Inductive Argument and Popper’s Alternative

chapter IV|8 pages

Reinstatement of Induction

chapter V|17 pages

Observation and Theory

chapter VI|26 pages

Falsification and Scientific Explanations

chapter VII|18 pages

Probability and Indeterminism

chapter VIII|18 pages

Reason and Society

chapter IX|26 pages

Evolution and World Three