First Published in 1999. The purpose of this series is to provide a contemporary assessment and history of the entire course of philosophical thought. Each book constitutes a detailed, critical introduction to the work of a philosopher of major influence and significance. This volume states and examines Bergson’s main arguments on their merits. So far as Bergson can be classified at all it would be as a ‘process philosopher’, along with Heraclitus, the Stoics, Hegel, and Whitehead.

chapter I|12 pages

Extensity and intensity

chapter II|36 pages

Space and time

chapter III|15 pages


chapter IV|17 pages

The metaphysics of change and substance

chapter V|21 pages

Problems of mind and body

chapter VI|21 pages


chapter VII|13 pages


chapter VIII|7 pages

The comic

chapter IX|17 pages

Morality and mysticism