How to do Discourse Analysis: A Toolkit is the essential new book from James Paul Gee, bestselling author of An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method. Discourse analysis is widely used in a range of academic subjects, all concerned with how humans make meaning and communicate within and across different social and cultural groups.

Using a practical how-to approach, Gee provides the tools necessary to work with discourse analysis, with engaging step-by-step tasks featured throughout the book. Each tool is clearly explained, along with guidance on how to use it, and authentic data is provided for readers to practice using the tools. Readers from all fields will gain both a practical and theoretical background in how to do discourse analysis and knowledge of discourse analysis as a distinctive research methodology.

How to do Discourse Analysis: A Toolkit is the ideal preparation for future learning in discourse analysis and applied linguistics. It is the companion text to Gee’s An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method, meant for those interested in learning discourse analysis by doing it. 

chapter |40 pages

Unit 1: Language and Context

chapter |42 pages

Unit 2: Saying, Doing, and Designing

chapter |66 pages

Building Things in the World

chapter |36 pages

Theoretical Tools

chapter |2 pages