This practical book gives you all the ideas you need to make drama a regular and integral part of your school’s curriculum, offering detailed suggestions of drama work for ages four to seven. The teaching units are arranged around four strands: drama for literacy; drama and the whole curriculum; drama film, media, and ICT; and drama for performance. The authors provide a wealth of practical activities throughout. Each unit includes:

  • explicit links to the Renewed Framework for literacy and the wider curriculum
  • a list of resources needed
  • clear learning objectives and outcomes
  • steps for teaching and learning including how to modify activities to suit your school
  • links to writing
  • assessment guidance.

Based on the authors’ experience as teachers and in-service trainers, this book provides a Wide range of ideas and activities for inspiring drama across the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, and is essential reading for all those interested in bringing drama into their school.

chapter RL|7 pages


chapter RC|7 pages

The cycle shop

chapter RF|9 pages

Filming a traditional story

chapter RP|8 pages

A festival of nursery rhymes

chapter 1L|9 pages

A New Home for a Pirate

chapter 1C|7 pages

The Steel Teddy Bear

chapter 1F|10 pages

Jim and the Beanstalk

chapter 1P|12 pages

The King with Dirty Feet

chapter 2L|8 pages

The Lost Happy Endings

chapter 2C|6 pages

Light and dark

chapter 2F|8 pages

The First Snow of Winter

chapter 2P|11 pages

A Midsummer Night's Dream