Articulating a radical agenda for the rethinking of the basic precepts of the construction industry in light of digital technologies, this book explores the profound shift that is underway in all aspects of architectural process. Essays and lectures from the last fifteen years discuss these changes in relation to dECOi Architects, created in 1991 as a forward-looking architectural practice.

This excellent collection is relevant to architectural professionals, academics and students and also to practitioners in many related creative fields who are similarly engaged in trying to comprehend the significance of the import of digital media.

chapter 1|8 pages


chapter |8 pages

Devotio Moderna: Essay on False

The Punctum

chapter 17|8 pages

Hystera Protera

chapter 25|4 pages

Le Bloc Fracturé

chapter 29|8 pages

The Inscrutable House

chapter 37|12 pages

The Active Inert: Notes on Technic Praxis

Technical Potential: Form and Force

chapter 65|4 pages

Postcard to Parent

chapter 69|6 pages

Misericord to a Grotesque Reifi cation

chapter 75|10 pages

Technological Latency

chapter 85|4 pages

Gaudí’s Hanging Presence

chapter 89|18 pages

From Autoplastic to Alloplastic Tendency

chapter 117|6 pages

The Digital Surrational

chapter 123|20 pages

Praxis Interview: Precise Indeterminacy

chapter 143|14 pages

Rabbit K(not) Borroro

chapter 157|16 pages

Sinthome: Plastik Conditional

chapter 181|16 pages


chapter 197|3 pages