The Holocaust and attempts to deny it, racism, murder, the case of Mary Bell. How can we include these and countless other examples of evil within our vision of a common humanity? These painful human incongruities are precisely what Raimond Gaita boldly harmonizes in his powerful new book, A Common Humanity.
Hatred with forgiveness, evil with love, suffering with compassion, and the mundane with the precious. Gaita asserts that our conception of humanity cannot be based upon the empty language of individual rights when it is our shared feelings of grief, hope, love, guilt, shame and remorse that offer a more potent foundation for common understanding. Drawing on the work of Hannah Arendt, Simon Weil, Primo Levi, George Orwell, Iris Murdoch and Sigmund Freud, Gaita creates a beautifully written and provocative new picture of our common humanity.

chapter |16 pages


Take Your Time

chapter |11 pages

Goodness beyond Virtue

chapter |27 pages

Evil beyond Vice

chapter |16 pages


The Denial of a Common Humanity

chapter |13 pages

Justice beyond Fairness

Mabo & Social Justice

chapter |20 pages

Guilt, Shame & Community

chapter |25 pages

Genocide & the Holocaust

chapter |30 pages

Forms of the Unthinkable

chapter |21 pages

Goodness & Truth

chapter |22 pages

Truth As a Need of the Soul

chapter |27 pages

A Common Humanity