Updated, revised and enhanced with new features, the fifth edition of Making Sense of Sports is the biggest and strongest yet.

Ellis Cashmore's unique multidisciplinary approach to the study of sports remains the only introduction to combine anthropology, biology, economics, history, philosophy, psychology and sociology with cultural and media studies to produce a distinct unbroken vision of the origins, development and current state of sports. New chapters on exercise culture and the moral climate of sports support a thoroughly overhauled text that includes fresh material on Islam, sports commerce and corruption.

Now packed with teaching supplements, including access to a dedicated online resource headquarters with video podcasts of twenty-one chapter outlines from the author (https://tinyurl.com/373oyvr), online quizzes, and an additional twenty-first chapter on depression and mental health in sports and exercise, the new edition contains a cornucopia of thought boxes, as well as guides to further reading, capsule explanations and model essays. In short, Making Sense of Sports is an all-purpose introduction to the study of sports.

chapter 1|17 pages


chapter 2|18 pages

Back to Nature

chapter 3|24 pages

Built for Action

chapter 4|31 pages

A Very Different Animal

chapter |5 pages


chapter 5|27 pages

The Hunt for Reasons

chapter 6|27 pages

In the Mind

chapter 7|21 pages

The Pursuit of Perfection

chapter 8|29 pages

Control of the Body

chapter 9|28 pages

Sports Emasculated

chapter 10|26 pages

Behind on Points

chapter |5 pages


chapter 11|37 pages

Champs and Cheats

chapter 12|31 pages

Not for the Fainthearted

chapter 13|22 pages

Representing the Challenge

chapter 14|28 pages

A Match Made in Heaven

chapter 15|22 pages

Planet Murdoch

chapter 16|26 pages

The That Conquered the World

chapter 17|27 pages

Buying into Celebrity Culture

chapter 18|20 pages

Morals and Medals

chapter 19|26 pages

Same Rules, Different Game

chapter 20|20 pages

Things to Come