Eating disorders comprise a range of physical, psychological and behavioural features that often have an impact on social functioning and can invade most areas of the sufferer’s life. Although eating and weight disorders are common in children and adolescents, there is a scarcity of practical guidance on treatment methods for eating disorders in young people.

In this book, Simon Gowers and Lynne Green bring together up-to-date research, clinical examples and useful tips to guide practitioners in working with young people, as well as helping families of children and adolescents to deal with their difficulties. Eating Disorders provides the clinician with an introduction about how CBT can be used to challenge beliefs about control, restraint, weight and shape, allowing young people to manage their eating disorder. Chapters cover:

  • preparing for therapy
  • a CBT treatment programme
  • applications and challenges.

This practical text will be essential reading for mental health professionals, paediatric teams and those in primary care working with children and adolescents with eating disorders. It will benefit those working with both sufferers themselves and families who have difficulty understanding the disorder.

part 1|2 pages

Part I Introduction

part 2|2 pages

Part II Preparing for therapy

chapter 3|15 pages

Assessment and formulation

chapter 4|14 pages

Engaging and motivating young people

chapter 5|9 pages

The role of the family

part 4|2 pages

Part IV Applications and challenges

chapter 11|8 pages

Inpatient management, groups and self-help

chapter 12|6 pages

Future challenges

chapter |7 pages


chapter 3|1 pages

Handout 3 Diary-keeping guidelines

chapter 4|3 pages

Handout 4 Sam and Samantha

chapter 5|1 pages

Handout 5 Example of diary page