It is impossible to fully understand contemporary society and culture without acknowledging the place of sport. Sport is part of our social and cultural fabric, possessing a social and commercial power that makes it a potent force in the world, for good and for bad. Sport has helped to start wars and promote international reconciliation, while every government around the world commits public resources to sport because of its perceived benefits. From the bleachers to the boardroom, sport matters.

Now available in a fully revised and updated new edition, this exciting, comprehensive and accessible textbook introduces the study of sport, culture and society. International in scope, the book explores the key social theories that shape our understanding of sport as a social phenomenon and critically examines many of the assumptions that underpin that understanding. Placing sport at the very heart of the analysis, and including vibrant sporting examples throughout, the book introduces the student to every core topic and emerging area in the study of sport and society, including:

  • the history and politics of sport
  • sport and globalization
  • sport and the media
  • sport, violence and crime
  • sport, the body and health
  • sport and the environment
  • alternative sports and lifestyles
  • sporting mega-events
  • sport and development.

Each chapter includes a wealth of useful features to assist the student, including chapter summaries, highlighted definitions of key terms, practical projects, revision questions, boxed case-studies and biographies, and guides to further reading, with additional teaching and learning resources available on a companion website. Sport, Culture and Society is the most broad-ranging and thoughtful introduction to the socio-cultural analysis of sport currently available and sets a new agenda for the discipline. It is essential reading for all students with an interest in sport.

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chapter |20 pages


chapter |2 pages

PART 1 The broader context

chapter 1|21 pages

Sport, theory and the problem of values

chapter 2|27 pages

Sport, history and social change

chapter 3|20 pages

Sport, economics and global finance

chapter 4|24 pages

Sport, politics and culture

chapter 5|18 pages

Global sport and globalisation

chapter 7|28 pages

Sport, community and others

chapter 8|26 pages

Sport, law and governance

chapter 9|24 pages

Sport, media and television

chapter 10|16 pages

Sport, social capital and education

chapter 11|21 pages

Sport and the environment

chapter 12|20 pages

Sport, body and health

chapter 13|20 pages

Sport, violence and crime

chapter 14|17 pages

Sport, religion and spirituality

chapter 16|16 pages

Sport, lifestyles and alternative cultures

chapter |3 pages

PART 4 Sport as a resource of hope

chapter 17|21 pages

Sport, social inequality and social movement

chapter 18|19 pages

Sport, poverty and international development

chapter 19|21 pages

Sport and social change