Psychotherapists are increasingly expected to incorporate the spiritual as well as the psychological dimension in their professional work. Therapists also are increasingly required to utilize evidence-based practices and demonstrate the effectiveness of their practice. An ever-increasing number of spiritually-oriented psychotherapy books attest to its importance but, unlike these books that primarily focus on the therapist's spiritual awareness, the second edition of Spirituality in Clinical Practice addresses the actual practice of spiritually oriented psychotherapy from the beginning to end.

Dr. Len Sperry, master therapist and researcher, emphasizes the therapeutic processes in spiritually oriented psychotherapy with individual chapters on:

  • the therapeutic relationship
  • assessment and case conceptualization
  • intervention
  • evaluation and termination
  • and culturally and ethically sensitive interventions.

The days of training therapists to be spiritually aware and sensitive to client needs are over; therapists are now expected to practice spiritually sensitive psychotherapy in a competent manner from the first session to termination. Dr. Sperry organizes his text around this central focus point and, as in the original edition, continues to provide a concise, theory-based framework for understanding the spiritual dimension. Readers can use this framework as the basis for competently integrating spirituality in an effective, evidence-based psychotherapy practice.

part I|120 pages

Spirituality in Clinical Practice: Theory

part II|143 pages

Spirituality in Clinical Practice: Practice

chapter 6|16 pages

Therapeutic Relationship

chapter 7|29 pages

Assessment and Case Conceptualization

chapter 8|49 pages


chapter 9|16 pages

Termination and Evaluation

chapter 10|15 pages

Cultural and Ethical Considerations