The intellectual history of the last quarter of this century has been marked by the growing influence of Africana thought--an area of philosophy that focuses on issues raised by the struggle over ideas in African cultures and their hybrid forms in Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. Existentia Africana is an engaging and highly readable introduction to the field of Africana philosophy and will help to define this rapidly growing field. Lewis R. Gordon clearly explains Africana existential thought to a general audience, covering a wide range of both classic and contemporary thinkers--from Douglass and DuBois to Fanon, Davis and Zack.

chapter |21 pages

one Africana Philosophy of Existence

chapter |34 pages

four What Does It Mean to Be a Problem?

W. E. B. Du Bois on the Study of Black Folk

chapter |22 pages

five Mixed Race in Light of Whiteness and Shadows of Blackness

Naomi Zack on Mixed Race

chapter |17 pages

six Can Men Worship?

An Existential Portrait in Black and White

chapter |18 pages

seven Recent Africana Religious Thought

Existential Anxieties of Pan-Africanism and Postmodernism at the End of the Twentieth Century

chapter |16 pages

nine Words and Incantations

Invocations and Evocations of a Wayward Traveler