Jay Sankey--stand-up comic, magician, and cartoonist--is back with another book for performers. Building on the success of his Zen and the Art of Stand-up Comedy, Jay is moving further into the uncharted wilds of solo performance.

chapter 1|1 pages

The Monologue

What is a monologue?

chapter 2|1 pages

The Script

How long does it take to write a monologue?

chapter |11 pages

How should I begin my monologue?

chapter 3|6 pages

The Promotion

How can I promote my monologue?

chapter |7 pages

What if I get a good review?

chapter 4|22 pages

The Stage

Do I need to be standing on a stage to perform a monologue?

chapter 5|1 pages

The Rehearsal

chapter |4 pages

How should I rehearse?

chapter 6|12 pages

The Audience

Who should I invite to my first performance?

chapter 7|1 pages

The Performance

Do I have to be an actor?

chapter |2 pages

Should I play a “character”?

chapter |5 pages

How can I give a great performance?

chapter |2 pages

How should I begin my monologue?

chapter |14 pages

What about pacing?

chapter 8|8 pages

The Television Production

Should I videotape my monologue?

chapter |5 pages

Interview with Paul McConvey

chapter |4 pages

A Sitting Meditation

chapter |3 pages

Fringe Festivals

United States

chapter |1 pages


chapter |1 pages

Selected Bibliography and Videography


chapter |1 pages