Students studying construction management and related subjects need to have a broad understanding of the major aspects of controlling the building processes. Operations Management for Construction is one of three textbooks (Business Organisation, Operations Management and Finance Control) written to systematically cover the field.

Focusing on construction sites and operations which are challenging to run, Chris March explores issues such as the setting up of the site, the deciding of the methodology of construction, and the sequence of work and resourcing. As changing and increasing regulations affect the way sites are managed, he also considers the issues and methods of successful administering, safety, quality and environment. Finally, the contractor’s responsibility to the environment, including relationships with third parties, selection of materials, waste management and sustainability is discussed.

Chris March has a wealth of practical experience in the construction industry, as well as considerable experience of teaching, which he uses to support the theory and principles set out in the book.

chapter |3 pages


chapter 1|18 pages

Site organisation

chapter 2|35 pages

Contract planning

chapter 3|28 pages

Work study

chapter 4|35 pages

Health and safety

chapter 5|16 pages

Waste management

chapter 6|9 pages

Stock control and materials management

chapter 7|14 pages

Supply chain management

chapter 8|48 pages

Quality management