Originally published in German as Interpreting Mozart on the Keyboard in 1957, this definitive work on the performance of Mozart's works has greatly influenced students and scholars of keyboard literature and of Mozart. Now, in a completely updated and revised edition, this book includes the last half century of scholarship on Mozart's music, addressing the elements of performance and problems that may occur in performing Mozart's works on modern instruments.

chapter |5 pages


chapter 1|36 pages

Mozart's World of Sound

chapter 2|27 pages


chapter 3|31 pages

Problems of Tempo and Rhythm

chapter 4|32 pages


chapter 5|77 pages


chapter 6|38 pages

Improvised Embellishments

chapter 7|38 pages

Cadenzas and Lead-Ins (Eingänge)

chapter 8|29 pages

“Expression and Gusto”

chapter 9|24 pages

In Search of the Best Text

chapter 10|26 pages

Playing with Orchestra

chapter 11|14 pages

Some Technical Questions in the Piano Works